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Yo, In my last post I showed an example of classic magic.  A buddy of mine has a series of videos where he reacts to bad magic (think of the videos of teens reacting to stuff from the 90's).  That said, here is another magician's take on "Classic magic"

Classic Magic Examples

 Hey There... Last month I shared my stance on magic, and the two camps most magic shows fall into...classic (silks, canes, corny jokes), and the Cool Kids club.  I'll be sharing a few more clips over the next few weeks (including other magician's stances on the two camps).  Yes the age of the children is a factor in who you choose to invite to share in your VIP's big day, but that doesn't mean children need to be pandered to.

Case in point...




See ya next week.

Classic Magic Examples

It's hard to find good examples of "Classic Magic" in practice.  But I'll try...



The next video plops Thursday

Classic Magic...Age Group

How's your week going?  Last week I briefly introduced an idea of 2 camps as it relates to magic shows, classic magic vs cool kid magic.  And yes entertainment is subjective, but I hope that sharing with you thoughts from this side of the stage, I arm you with critical information for any entertainer you hire.  This week I want to focus on the age of the audience.  

I typed "magician" into Google Image search, and got this...

Even the two non stock photos in there aren't doing themselves a favor. Look, magic isn't as cool as juggling, but we're WAY better than mimes.  Take THAT into your invisible box. 

If you think of kid shows (I know you don't), you'd think of the rabbit from the hat, etc. It's a weekend afternoon, you don't care if "the blocks changed colors". But if you haven't seen your friend in a few weeks, you want to catch up.  I get it. 

Check it, all I'm saying is..before you watch any entertainment (or book an entertainer), watch some of their videos.  See if you find them entertaining and engaging (with the skill..juggling, magic should be top notch as well). If not move on, and if so..find out more.



Classic Magic Series

Over the next month and some change I'll be sharing my take on magic as an art form, but more importantly how it relates to any show you experience. For the sake of clarification we're going to pare it down to classic magic (think a magician with a top hat and cane, linking rings, etc), and a more contemporary approach (think Penn and Teller, etc). This won't be theory, but actually a guide to help you appreciate, and discern magic. I'm a huge advocate of contemporary "cool kids magic".

As no one should ever have to endure a show, at the end of this series I hope to arm you with ways to avoid doing so. But first...


Complete with terrible quality video. "Classic"




12 Days of Christmas


Additonal Last Minute Party Planning Ideas



Expect the Unexpected

The hardest thing to plan for at any birthday party is the unexpected. Here's what you can do to keep chaos at bay:

  • Be prepared for meltdowns. An adult helper can take a distraught child aside while the rest of the group continues celebrating.
  • Stock band-aids, ice and tissue.
  • If parents are dropping off children, be sure you know about any food allergies or relevant medical conditions.
  • If you have pets, it's best to keep them separate from the guests. Include them in your family celebration — but know that some children are allergic to or afraid of even the gentlest animals. Similarly, many pets are afraid of small children who may not know that it's a bad idea to pull tails or step on paws.


Finally, remember that following guidelines is all well and good, but as every parent knows, sometimes the rules simply have to go out the window. Just as long as they don't all go out at once.


As an added thank you for trusting me to help you plan your party, please download some additional free gifts here.  But if you are like me, and would like something to hold in your hand instead, shoot me an email here and I'll send you a copy of my birthday party planning guide in the mail. 




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