Fountain of Youth

I found the key to staying young forever!


Consistency is Overrated

I just can't seem to force sub par content on a weekly basis.  So instead I'll share a video from awhile where a group of kids form a line to give me a high five after a non-subpar performance.


My Parent's Win an Award...For Embarassment

I've spent the past few days at my parent's house watching their dog, which is fine, as my apartment doesn't allow pets (or air conditioning, apparently).  While organizing some magazines and miscellaneous "stuff", I came across an envelope of photos. My mom advised that they had come across these "blast from the past" memories and shared some of my greatest moments with my cousins at a recent get together.

It doesn't matter how cool you think you are, leave it to family to keep you humble.  Since they are going to surface at some point, it makes sense to get ahead of this.  No


Trying to blow fire


Cool 90's style!


Those rings aren't going to link themselves.












Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July.  Hope you find good food, good company, and good times!


Throwback Thursday



It's been over a month.  I'll be real for a second.  Between a recent death, and a MAJOR flu (in the summer none the less...get your flu shot) I've been binging on old Homestar Runner cartoons.  I'll be in the field this weekend filming more tips, and tricks.  One video was scheduled to be filmed at the mall, but the store manager wouldn't provided clearance so that's on the back burner.  So to hold you's a throwback to a Halloween show (timely AND topical)


See ya next week.




Ice Ice Baby

The title of this blog is a throwback to Mr. Van Winkle . ..

During a recent file transfer, I uncovered some archives of magic tricks using household items.  Here's one from  " the kitchen".



Go grab a coffee cup, kitchen sponge, cup of water, and ice cube...And now...let's get into it.




Next week I'll have a tip SO important, and SO new, you won't be able WAIT to share with your friends (and have them thank you for doing so).

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