Classic Magic...Age Group

How's your week going?  Last week I briefly introduced an idea of 2 camps as it relates to magic shows, classic magic vs cool kid magic.  And yes entertainment is subjective, but I hope that sharing with you thoughts from this side of the stage, I arm you with critical information for any entertainer you hire.  This week I want to focus on the age of the audience.  

I typed "magician" into Google Image search, and got this...

Even the two non stock photos in there aren't doing themselves a favor. Look, magic isn't as cool as juggling, but we're WAY better than mimes.  Take THAT into your invisible box. 

If you think of kid shows (I know you don't), you'd think of the rabbit from the hat, etc. It's a weekend afternoon, you don't care if "the blocks changed colors". But if you haven't seen your friend in a few weeks, you want to catch up.  I get it. 

Check it, all I'm saying is..before you watch any entertainment (or book an entertainer), watch some of their videos.  See if you find them entertaining and engaging (with the skill..juggling, magic should be top notch as well). If not move on, and if so..find out more.



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