Throwback Thursday



It's been over a month.  I'll be real for a second.  Between a recent death, and a MAJOR flu (in the summer none the less...get your flu shot) I've been binging on old Homestar Runner cartoons.  I'll be in the field this weekend filming more tips, and tricks.  One video was scheduled to be filmed at the mall, but the store manager wouldn't provided clearance so that's on the back burner.  So to hold you's a throwback to a Halloween show (timely AND topical)


See ya next week.




Bring the famly out

Here's a fun way to celebrate the holidays with the family.


Not so Happy Holidays...

Mini rant ahead....


Spidey sense....your gut..whatever you call it,  you should heed it.

As we approach the holidays many inquiries start pouring in for shows.  To be honest during some slower times I don't mind doing a show for a school program, or a worthy charity.  However, for the second year in a row I was approached by these guys.  And I should have learned from last year.  You see sometimes clients book me for a party, and aside from my client appreciation event don't see me all that often, and I invite them to this San Jose tradition.  It's great to see everyone again.

But last year, I was given a great date and time, but when I went to park, I was told parking was unavailable, and that I wasn't on the schedule, (the year before I was bumped by Bob and the Backyard band).  So this year I thought a Sunday afternoon, no rain, we are set to go.  I went to park and security said no.  I showed them my performance confirmation and was told I'm not on the schedule. As it's a non paying show, no sweat, but a few people reached out saying they made a trip to the park just to see me.


My spidey sense was tingling this morning as I was preparing...I should have heeded it.

Magicians Crash an Open Mic

As part of a magic comedy night, Kat helps with a card trick as I show off my art skills.


Dads and Grads

Hey so we're heading into Dads and Grads season (Which is not a thing as evidenced by the forced rhyme).   But if you have a fella, or a graduate (or both), then while I'm not sure what the opposite of THIS is, but don't listen to it.


Also, this is NOT the proper way to respect your dad

I gotta figure this Grad thing out too...


Let's hang out

If you're looking for a less kid-centric (but still family friendly show), I'd love to hang out.


Let's say 2/25.  Meet you at ComedySportz next to Psycho Donuts?


When?  Let's say...7:30?  See ya then.

Cancel Your Halloween Plans...

Hey, did you know that the last week of October is National Magic Week?


Yes I know that there are official everythings (official Slurpee day, national Beach week, etc).  But magicians use this week as a way to pull out all the stops.  While curating events that are Bay Area based, here are a magical options to consider:


October 23rd there is a Secret VIP party featuring all of the best magicians from the Bay Area performing.  It goes from 7:15-12 am.  Shoot me an email to get the location.

A few days later, The Jungle Island in San Jose is hosting their Spooktacular and Costume Contest. All Ages are welcome.

On October 30th, in the San Jose Rose Garden Area, there is a Mad Magic show featuring darker Halloween themed magic.  This is ages 13 and up.  Come in a costume and knock $2 off.

Perhaps most impressive is the Houdini Seance being held in San Francisco.  This event is collecting skeptics, magicians and scientists to try to make contact with the famed psychic-debunker, and legend.

More info can be found here.


Finally...I have some news about the skydiving trick, the one location that seemed promising has backed out due to safety issues.  Lame.  But I have been in contact with Ifly in San Francisco, and they are open to the idea.  So yes, it's indoor skydiving, but it counts.


Have a good weekend!



Keep the Magic Shows Growing

Hey. So I know I've been asking a lot of favors from my Facebook friends lately. But there's one more (I'm THAT guy).

Here's what's up. The Magicians' of Comedy has had a bunch of permutations and tried to get a solid recurring location for awhile.

I've gone a different way with it, but...

There is a chance a new venue in Sunnyvale is open to a magic night. My buddy Stephen is putting this together, but the management of this place needs some convincing.

This is where you come in. We are doing magic at open mics at Rooster T. Feathers in the hopes that we can show them this show can build a crowd.

To show them we means business, grab your friends and come out on 7/20 as 7 of us are going to crash Rooster T. Feather's open mic. It's 21 and up, so we are going to slant it a new way.

What's that? You don't have $10? Really? I have to do everything for you? FINE...fine...

I have 3 comps (this is an open mic, different rules apply). So drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll get you squared away. Future Pete G. says thanks. Current Pete is going to sleep.



Last show at the Granada


 All First Responders (Police, Fire, and Paramedics) get in free, as a thank you for your hard work and contribution!

Freebie Day 5: Free tickets and Yogurt

Yes, I need to learn to count.  As it is day six by any way I slice it.  But here's my feeble excuse.  I was hoping to offer free tickets and dinner for the next "Magicians of Comedy" starring San Jose's, Pete G, and South Bay's Spencer Grey show on 8/18.  But the restaurant that we have been speaking with decided to wait a little bit.


I don't want to leave you hanging.  So here's my idea.  If you send an email to [email protected] by 8/13 at 5:00 p.m (I know some of you work until do it on your lunch break). Put VIP in the subject line (so I know you're not spam), and include your first and last name.


I'll select 2 lucky people who will get:


-FREE tickets to the show


-Backstage access and tour of the theater

-Peek behind the curtain (during setup and sound check)

-Photo Opportunity

-Assist in the show

-Free magic trick

-We'll take you for frozen yogurt after the show


Winner will be announced on 8/14.


Good luck!



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