Throwback Thursday



It's been over a month.  I'll be real for a second.  Between a recent death, and a MAJOR flu (in the summer none the less...get your flu shot) I've been binging on old Homestar Runner cartoons.  I'll be in the field this weekend filming more tips, and tricks.  One video was scheduled to be filmed at the mall, but the store manager wouldn't provided clearance so that's on the back burner.  So to hold you's a throwback to a Halloween show (timely AND topical)


See ya next week.




Even Harry Potter Had to Start Somewhere

Hey there, welcome to Pete's Picks.  Every week there will be a video blog (a Vlog if you will) of tricks to learn, tips to share, and even extras you need to know for all things birthday magic. The trick taught below used to be in the "closeup magic" section of my show.  As with anything, put in the time to make sure your friends are standing n JUST the right spot...otherwise the wrong angle may reveal how this trick is done.  Let's see how it looks to your friends...



You'll need a penny and two quarters.  Got them?  Ok, let's get into it...


Not so Happy Holidays...

Mini rant ahead....


Spidey sense....your gut..whatever you call it,  you should heed it.

As we approach the holidays many inquiries start pouring in for shows.  To be honest during some slower times I don't mind doing a show for a school program, or a worthy charity.  However, for the second year in a row I was approached by these guys.  And I should have learned from last year.  You see sometimes clients book me for a party, and aside from my client appreciation event don't see me all that often, and I invite them to this San Jose tradition.  It's great to see everyone again.

But last year, I was given a great date and time, but when I went to park, I was told parking was unavailable, and that I wasn't on the schedule, (the year before I was bumped by Bob and the Backyard band).  So this year I thought a Sunday afternoon, no rain, we are set to go.  I went to park and security said no.  I showed them my performance confirmation and was told I'm not on the schedule. As it's a non paying show, no sweat, but a few people reached out saying they made a trip to the park just to see me.


My spidey sense was tingling this morning as I was preparing...I should have heeded it.

Happy Labor Day

It's been awhile, and I'm sorry about that. I found out I had to move, and so have spent the past month or so dealing with that. The good news is that it's almost done, I found a cool new spot. I have a few extra copies of the July newsletter (timely I know). If you'd like a copy, just click here, and write "I'm in", and I'll get your package in the mail out to you.

Last month a bunch of magicians from the South Bay crashed an open mic. In case you want to re-watch it, here's a link.

Now that homework is established, and everyone is getting into the groove again, it's a good time to start planning an extracurricular.. The City is offering a life skills class under the guise of magic. Yes the tricks are fun, but emphasis is really on

  • public speaking,
  • ice breaking skills,
  • hand/eye coordination,
  • finding their "voice"
  • and self confidence.

Oh, and on the last class we put on a show, to share what we've learned. Classes start in a couple weeks. If you have some questions about them, let me know.


I hope things are cool on your side.

Happy Labor Day!



Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember these?  Choose Your Own Adventure was a series of books popular when I was growing up.  Essentially, you read a novel, and at various cross roads, you get to choose what happens next.  They were pretty cool, and the link above is the main hub on where to order them. But sadly, to the chagrin of this English major magician, people don't choose to read for leisure.  Yes, I know there are exceptions, but that's not where I'm going with this.  

 I was talking to a buddy about these, and he mentioned that it would be cool if they had a Choose Your Own Youtube Adventure.  Guess what?  That's totally a thing!

 The reason I bring this up, is not to take a stroll down memory lane, but rather to mention that my next project will be a magician/magic show themed choose your own adventure.  I'm still putting the pieces together. But it should be pretty cool

Plan Your Child’s Perfect Birthday Party And Create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Update Number three with what's been going on behind the scenes.  Here is Update #1  and  Update #2


I've always had the heart of a teacher and have created reports, guides, and information to help parents in as many ways as I can.  It's always somewhat surreal that people view me as the go-to for party planning.  The latest incarnation of my party planning guide caught the attention of a book publisher who asked if I would like to team up and provide a more comprehensive how-to source for parents. 

 His idea was to combine all of my real world experience, my most frequently received questions, and common concerns and instead of answering the same thing over and over again, teaching parents how to fish, as it were.  I thought it came off as kind of cold, but the more I thought about it, equipping folks with their own copy of a step by step how-to seemed to make a lot of sense.

 Over the past year we went back and forth with what should be included, who this would best benefit, and most important: This would not replace the invitation and open nature of helping.  It would be a complimentary part and provide an easy to digest format.  More important it would allow readers to be an expert to their friends and family. (Let's be honest, being the go to expert does feel rewarding).

Now that you know why I've done it, here's where we are.  The publisher has updated me that pending one final approval, the book will be ready to go into publishing NEXT week.  EEK. I'm excited to share this with you.  I'll update more as we get a little closer to release.  The cover price is $14.95 plus shipping, but I'll knock $10 off and offer it for only $4.95.  I'd be happy to personalize it in any way you'd like.


More updates as events warrant.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and winter secular good vibes, coming your way.


It's finally raining.  There's something about a cup of tea, and the rain to get me inspired.  I originally had plans to film some videos at Christmas in the Park, but the weather and lame cameras conspired against me.  If you'd like to see a great Christmas juggling video, there's that. If you would like to meet some of my new friends, here's a video of that.



Whether you are staying local, traveling across the country, or even just chilling with some friends....hope it's the best one yet.  Be well, see ya next year.




I Broke a World Record

About a month ago, I wrote about this record. I'm happy to announce, that despite it happening a week later than originally scheduled (due to weather) it happened. I broke a magic world record.  Most skydiving places wouldn't allow it due to some liability. So a HUGE thank you to Skydive Surf City for making this happen.

 UPDATE: NBC Bay Area wrote an article about my jump.

I've received a lot of really amazing support and was trying to figure out what my next project/stunt will be.  If you have any suggestions or would like a consultation on a custom request for your event, shoot me a line at [email protected]




My next project: Breaking a record

I've shared this in a previous post, but the idea of always working on a new project between shows appeals to me.  Awhile ago, I was reading a magazine and came across this:




And I was inspired to break this record (and pay him homage). Because no liability biding bungee company would allow this, and heights and I have gone our separate ways. I'm going to change a silk to a cane, while skydiving. This is going down on 11/12 in Santa Cruz. I'll post the video for sure, but hey if you'd like to tag along, come watch, or even jump as well, let me know and I'll get ya the details. I should probably start practicing this thing... Until next week.

Magic Trick Limbo


 This isn't reaIly a post.   I just needed a place to store ideas for tricks I thought had potential, but didn't really work out.


Take a balloon, wrap thread around it, and with a wave it becomes a party popper.

Play Nina's 99 red balloons, and make a bunch of red balloons appear, float, pop and turn into other items.

Re-enact Willy Wonka's chocolate room and make various candy appear, morph, change size and shape, color and flavor.

Attempt the bullet catch with a clown gun that unrolls the banner that says "bang"

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