Pete G. has been performing magic professionally for over 15 years and has developed a show kit to help you remove all of the stress from putting a party together (and look good doing it). Last year he went airborne to break a magic world record. Pete's specialized brand of family-style magic ensures that your guests are Entertained, Amazed, Amused. Ready to hang out?  Simply click the contact tab above.

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Pete G. is San Jose's magician, but he can come to your event anywhere in the Bay Area.

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Pete has over 15 years of experience. He has tons of resources for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Booking an entertainer seems kind of overwhelming.

That’s not quite a question, but I understand the frustration. For that reason, I’m here to help you every step of the way. From initial contact until I pull out of the driveway I will help you plan a great stress free party.

Can you Pull a Rabbit From a Hat?

Unfortunately, no.  I’ve seen a lot of animals (rabbits, doves, parrots) mishandled and some treated downright poorly. I understand potential confusion as there is a rabbit in my logo. But, because I respect animals… subjecting them to heat, cramped travel conditions, and shoved in an apparatus that allows them to magically appear is not fair. 

In fact I'm so passionate about the proper treatment of animals, I donate one day a week at the Silicon Valley Control Authority. I am also VERY proud to announce that as of 2/1/16, every show where Rocky does his circus act,  5% of the performance fee will be donated to SVACA.  There is also a donate button on their site if you would like to donate directly, or know some friends and family who might want to.

Do you make balloon animals?

No. Balloons can and will pop. When balloons pop, the children will cry. Do you want a bunch of crying kids at your party? ;)

How much will it cost?

I do have multiple show options available, but factors like cost, location of your party, and number of guests will come into play.

What kind of tricks do you perform in your show?

My shows use a lot of color, fun, and tailor the show to you. Below is a sample of the kind of fun to expect for your party:

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